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“I think Kudurru Stone is a great program! I love the map part, showing where jobs are located makes figuring out your schedule more simple.”

Morgan - ECK Land Surveyors, Inc


This is great software, but tricky and time consuming to learn. As it is a generic solution it has no one particular in mind, and many of its features are over-kill when it comes to land surveying.

The cost is not tailored to land surveyors, as it only provides one user type. Kudurru Stone knows that some users do not need every feature. We provide freedom with options.


Excel is not made for project management, but for some reason, people use it for just that. This is an example of textbook "square-peg round-hole".

From a lack of collaborative input and interactivity to the inability to provide real-time updates and transparency, the list is long as to what Excel wasn’t made to do.


What can we say? Whiteboards are fine if you use an abacus to do your accounts, a sundial to tell the time, and your stride to measure land. But in this day and age, it's time to upgrade.

Seriously though, it isn’t even about getting with the times, it’s about efficiency, automation, and your bottom line.

Or are you using what we like to call:

Have you created your own Frankenstein’s monster; a mishmash of programs held together by nothing other than becoming accustomed to it, warts and all? The ingenuity to bring it "alive" is resourceful...but it's time to bury it.


Use our software to plan usage of resources, time, and crew members. Schedule when things take place, and when finite resources are used.


Tasks are delegated to the appropriate crew members, taking into account their own schedules, and when the resources they need are available.



A centralized point keeps everyone informed when relevant parties are working together and when.


Accountability and transparency are paramount to ensure things happen when they are meant to happen. With our solution, you are in the know.


With only a finite number of crew members, you need to be able to utilize them efficiently. Assign and schedule tasks and map locations to prevent unnecessary trips or mistakes.



Project managers juggle a variety of things. Structure and prioritize the allocation of resources to tasks and ensure a smooth process.



Complex projects are borken down and implemented in order from start to finish. Assign, track and be notified when completed.



Manage the cost of projects from a macro level to a micro level, such as the cost of resources, materials and crew member billable hours. Prepare and track what comes in and goes out.

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