All of Your Surveying Projects in One Tool


Have you created your own Frankenstein’s monster, a mishmash of programs held loosely together by nothing other than becoming accustomed to it, warts and all? The ingenuity and resourcefulness in achieving this is to be commended, no small feat to bring ‘It Alive’, but it’s time to bury it.

Save Time & Effort While Maintaining On-Time Results

Organize Job Information

Centralize projects and aggregate data to give you a quick overview with the details you choose, minimizing wasted time.

Track Your

Plan and track projects easily at all levels of your business to help expedite workflow from start to finish.

Easy to Learn
And Onboard

Quickly move from project chaos to peace of mind with Kudurru Stone’s personalized support team.

Problems With Your Current Solution?

ms project


A great piece of software but it is over-kill when it comes to land surveyors and can be very difficult to learn.

The cost is also not tailored to land surveyors.



Most land surveyors looking for an improved software solution start with Excel before moving to Kudurru Stone

Excel is not made for project management.

dry erase board


Well, what can we say? Whiteboards are fine if you use an abacus to do your accounts and a sundial to tell the time.

Seriously though, it’s about efficiency, automation, and your bottom line.


Let us prove we are perfect for your business

Stop Using Whiteboards and Spreadsheets


Use our software to plan usage of resources, time, and crew members. Schedule when things are to take place, and when finite resources are to be used.


Tasks can be delegated to the appropriate crew members, taking into account their own schedules, and when the resources they need are available.



A centralized point helps to keep relevant parties informed as to when they are to work together, as well as providing further information in an efficient manner.


Accountability and transparency are paramount so as to ensure things happen when they are meant to happen. With our solution, you are in the know.

Eliminate the Need to Constantly Communicate & Manually Log Information

Streamline Task Management

Your processes can be streamlined, minimized, or removed to help save time and effort while maintaining on-time results.


Improve Crew Performance

Streamlined crew processes allow for better utilization of time and fewer mistakes. Increase your bottom line with less bottlenecks and wasted time.


Control Your Budgets

Less errors, efficient schedules and simplified workloads help keep budgets under control and your business profitable.


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